Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Select and handle with care…it takes a village to keep a child safe.

Yet another incident of sheer lack of safety and training negligence in a daycare in Gurgaon and a child loses her finger. Media will give headlines/debates for a few days? Dharna outside the daycare? Social media hammering of the owners? Will this help the little girl and her family?
What are required are strict laws and policies about safety and safety management in daycares and preschools. And then regulating these guidelines and policies by committed organizations appointed by the government. I did not suggest government to supervise these because our country is very far behind when it comes to understanding and research about early childcare and education.   Till the government creates a child centric policy and child centric department it is best is if the government appoints some committed associations that have the expertise and experience to supervise and identify loopholes and then train the staff. Then these centers approved/supervised by these associations to be put up on the women and child development ministry website as safe and licensed so that parents can check which centers to choose before enrolling their young children.
The early childhood association also appeals to parents to do two things before selecting a center, be it preschool or daycare-
1.    Visit the center and check with your own eyes the safety aspects of the center.
a.    Are doors too heavy? Have they put finger guards on the doors so that kid’s fingers are safe? Are the commodes used adult size or child size? If adult size how are they ensuring that the child will be safe on the commode? What is the nappy changing procedure? What is the feeding procedure?
b.    Are the staff trained regularly? Both teachers and support staff like ayahs? Ask to see their training manual? Do they wash their hands regularly before feeding or nappy change? Please remember- sanitize before nappy change and wash hands with soap before feeding. (As sanitizers are bad if ingested by young babies/children)
2.    Check the qualifications of the people running the center and how involved are they in the daily running.
a.    Don’t get swayed by colourful brochures or colourful ambiance
b.    Don’t go only on brand names- when it comes to child care trust your instincts not only branding.
And above all we suggest that parents must be made a part of the quality audit of the center so that parents can also suggest if any changes need to be made in the layout, daily routine or safety aspects of the center. CCTV is not safety. CCTV does not monitor. So stop being satisfied if a center has CCTV. Be satisfied when the center feels safe, looks safe, and answers safety related questions. Who is their doctor on call? Do they do regular fire drills? Do they have a risk assessment done? What is their medical emergency protocol?
Its time to understand that safety of our children is everyone’s duty. Outsource childcare, but do not outsource caring for your child. So when selecting a preschool and daycare, choose with caution and be involved.
Its time the government realized that every child in every state is important so why then do we have different policies and safety rules in each state? Its time for one nation one policy and its time to have a separate ministry for early childhood care and education.
Swati Popat Vats
Early Childhood Association